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2018 Weigh-In Dates


The 2017 Exhibitors Handbook is sponsored by advertising from local businesses, who we thank for their continued support!!

Ranch & Home
Papé Machinery of Walla Walla
Walla Walla Electric
Community Bank
Bordertown Feed & Supply of Milton-Freewater
Baker Boyer Bank
Blue Valley Meats, LLC
Jones Truck & Implement
Shangri-la Boutique
Noble Panels & Gates

2018 Livestock Exhibitor Camping/Parking/Gate

Pre-registration for 2018 will open April 1st for camping/parking/gate. Exhibitors that camped last year will be mailed all forms, all others may print them off website (they will be available April 1st) or come by the Fairgrounds Main Office.

Special Awards Program

The continuing support of businesses, groups, individuals, friends and family enable the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days to have an impressive Special Awards Program to recognize the time, energy and hard work of our Exhibitors.

Many awards are given during Fair and we culminate the awards each year with our Special Awards Ceremony at the Pepsi Stage Sunday of the Fair!

If you see any of theses amazing supporters, please thank them for supporting our youth and community!! If you are interested in sponsoring awards for the Exhibitors, please contact Koren:

2017 Youth Market SaleOver $402,000

2017 Youth Market Sale
Over $402,000

During "Fair Week” some of the busiest exhibitors are those 4-H and FFA members who have Market Stock Sale projects that have lasted many months. Sale projects require planning, financial management, responsibility on a daily basis and a large commitment of personal time by the exhibitor. Many phases of the livestock industry are learned while completing these projects.

Selecting a project animal is the first crucial step and often times for beef projects, this takes place in the late fall. Lambs, pigs and goats are born winter through spring and selections must be made by late spring. If proper nutrition and veterinary practices are not learned and utilized, these projects are not successful. With the initial purchase price of the animal and the daily cost of feeding, financial management is always an issue. Final preparation for Fair includes grooming and training for showmanship contests.

Sunday is Market Sale Day! Each sale animal is groomed and each exhibitor has their own moment in the sale ring. This, too, is a learning experience as it is sometimes hard to say that final “good-bye”. The sale is organized by the Walla Walla County Cattlemen's Association. They form a committee and seek volunteers to help.

Before each sale, the Cattlemen's Association contacts processing plants for a base price per pound on each animal. When bidding begins, the exhibitor is guaranteed the base price, or “floor price.” Any additional amount bid is known as support money and it also goes to the exhibitor. An example would be: a steer has a floor price of 62 cents a pound; the bidder goes to 72 cents a pound, therefore support money would be 10 cents a pound. The buyer has the option of turning the animal over to the processing plant, in which case the plant pays the guaranteed 62 cents a pound and the bidder pays the 10 cents with the total 72 cents going to the exhibitor.

Profits from the Market Sale animals are usually used to finance next year's project, or are added to education savings accounts.

If you would like to participate in this worthwhile cause, call Market Stock Sale Chairman, Joe Chvatal at (H) 525-4799 or (C) 520-2853.