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Walla Walla
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Queen Natalie Parsons

Queen Natalie Parsons

Natalie Parsons is the 17-year-old daughter of Chris and Tina Parsons. She was born and raised in Walla Walla with her 13-year-old brother, Logan. She is a senior at College Place High School where she is an honor student and a part-time Walla Walla Community College student. Natalie is part of the basketball and golf teams, and was ASB Treasurer and Vice President. Natalie is also involved in the High School FFA chapter where she currently serves as President and competes in state trapshooting and livestock judging. Outside of school, Natalie enjoys being a member of the Milton Freewater Pioneer Posse where she served as the 2015 royalty court queen with her 16-year-old palomino Paint, Rich Rocket Wrangler, affectionately known as Patriot. She has had Patriot for 3 years now and they have learned so much together. During their time on the court, Natalie and Patriot strengthened their partnership thtough participating in parades and rodeo grand entries. Since then she has been busy packing flags for the Posse and competing in local open horse shows. They have been trained in western equitation, showmanship, trail and recently excelled in english equitation. Natalie has been participating in the Walla Walla Fair with her 4-H club, Trails and Rails, for the past nine years and has taken up showing FFA market steers for the past two years. When not on horseback, Natalie spends her time helping with her church's vacation bible school, hunting, fishing, and attending archery competitions through the Blue Mountain Archers. Natalie has a passion for kids and is a nanny during the summer. She takes the opportunity to teach kids about rodeo and what is means to be a horseman. She and Patriot are honored to represent the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days and continue to spread the word of rodeo which she loves.

Princess Emma Drivdahl

Princess Emma Drivdahl

Emma Drivdahl is the 18-year-old daughter of Aaron and Lynn Drivdahl. She has two older brothers, Peter and Joshua Drivdahl. Emma graduated in June 2017 from Walla Walla High School where she was an active member in Blue Devil Strong, the Link Crew and competed in tractor driving, sales and service, livestock judging, Hall of Chapters and extemporaneous speaking teams for FFA qualifying for districts and state. Outside of school, Emma is a member of the Milton Freewater Pioneer Posse, attends Walla Walla Cowboy Church and coached youth soccer for Walla Walla Parks and Recreation. She has been a member of the Valley Chapel Boots and Jeans 4-H club. She is currently the queen for the Milton Freewater Pioneer Posse Royalty Court. Since 2009 Emma has been a participant at the Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days in both 4-H and FFA in several different divisions: sewing, modeling, baked goods, showmanship and confirmation for lambs, swine, and steers. In 2016 she started carrying sponsor flags for the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days rodeo. In her spare time, she enjoys time spent on her family’s farm/ranch helping to work stock, laughing and enjoying her numerous cousins and grandparents. Her parents have taught her that sometimes you can learn more while in the seat of your saddle with your 83-year-old grandpa than you can learn in the confines of four walls. Emma played soccer for several years and traveled with a Walla Walla Youth Soccer team while playing in the Hispanic league as well. She has participated in barrel racing and pole bending at the Pioneer Posse since she was 8 years old. One of her greatest accomplishments, she feels, is her horse. Emma bought her on her own with very little training and now she uses her horse to barrel race, stake race, pole bend, chase cows, carry sponsor flags, participate in run-ins and has been in numerous parades. She is very proud of her 8-year-old quarter horse Dolly, who Emma will use as her primary court horse. Emma plans to attend Walla Walla Community College for two years and then continue her education at the University of Wyoming to complete her degree in agricultural education. She would love to return to the Walla Walla Valley to be a high school Ag teacher when she completes her education.

Royalty Yardsale January 20 & 21, 2018

Royalty Yardsale January 20 & 21, 2018

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